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Wellness and Recovery After Psychosis (WRAP)

WRAP Resources

Resources for the Individual in Treatment

  • What is a First Episode? Understanding a First Episode of Psychosis (pdf)
  • Voices of Recovery Video
    • These 24 brief video clips created as part of the RAISE Connection program feature individuals telling their stories about who they are and what has been helpful in managing their psychotic disorder. You’ll meet people who are single, married, in school, working, hanging out with old and new friends, and living healthy lives.
    • The goal of OK2TALK is to create a community for teens and young adults struggling with mental health problems and encourage them to talk about what they’re experiencing by sharing their personal stories of recovery, tragedy, struggle or hope. Anyone can add their voice by sharing creative content such as poetry, inspirational quotes, photos, videos, song lyrics and messages of support in a safe, moderated space.
  • Preparing for Telehealth Visits: Link to Guide
  • SMI Adviser Resources for Individuals and Families:  SMI Adviser Link
  • Schizophrenia Fact Guide

Resources for Friends and Family

Resources for Providers