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Volunteer Application Process

  1. Complete the Online BMC Volunteer Application
  2. Submit 2 letters of reference preferably emailed to [email protected]. Reference letters must be emailed from the reference or be in a pdf document (we do not accept word documents from the volunteer applicant). References can be from anyone other than a relative and the letter must speak to the volunteer's character, interest, and strengths that would make him/her a suitable volunteer at BMC

Please allow a minimum of two weeks from the time both references are received to be contacted by Volunteer Services.

We receive more applications than the available volunteer position openings, therefore, we cannot guarantee that all volunteer applicants will be placed into a volunteer position.

If you are placed in a volunteer position, you are required to submit your immunization records. Once we receive your immunizations and you have a confirmed volunteer placement we will reach out to you to schedule a 90 minute volunteer orientation.

All volunteers complete a CORI background check.


Immunization Requirements

Once you have been selected for a volunteer placement, we ask that you provide the below medical documentation. Your immunization and vaccination information may be obtained from your doctor's office, student health center, previous employee health records, immigration documents, military service documents or travel vaccination records. You may also have your health care provider complete the attached medical form.

  • 2 MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine dates or positive titer results
  • 2 Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine dates or positive titer results or health care provider documented disease
  • Tdap vaccine (not required/strongly preferred; includes protection against pertussis or whooping cough)
  • Tuberculosis skin test (TST) results. Two skin tests, one within 12 weeks of starting to work and one within 12 months before that. TST results must include date given and read and the millimeter (mm) of induration. The form should be signed by the health professional reading the test with printed name, title, and contact number on his or her letterhead.
    • For those with prior positive TB skin tests, documentation of the positive TB test date with size (mm) of skin reaction/induration, a copy of a normal chest X-Ray report obtained after the diagnosis of positive TB skin test, and documentation of receiving TB medication counseling.
    • Other Tests for TB such as the QFT or T-Spot obtained via blood draws will be accepted or utilized on a case by case basis.
  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Documentation of the above requirements should be submitted to:

Volunteer Services Department
Boston Medical Center
Yawkey Ambulatory Care Center
850 Harrison Ave., Basement, BW-02
Boston, MA 02118
617.414.7548 (fax)
[email protected]