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Living Donation

Boston Medical Center has a well-established Living Donor Program and has completed over 300 living donor kidney transplants.

Living donor kidney transplantation is an alternative to a recipient waiting on the deceased donor waiting list and remaining on dialysis. Live donor kidneys have significantly better long-term survival than those from a deceased donor. 

Living donors can be family members, friends or anonymous. They must be at least 18 years old. 

At Boston Medical Center, all living donor candidates are encouraged to ask questions at any time. The Transplant Team provides education, support and works collaboratively to create a relationship where donors feel comfortable. Donor candidates have a separate team of healthcare providers from the recipient for their evaluation and all information is held in the strictest confidence. A donor’s personal and medical information will not be shared with the potential recipient at any time.

All donor candidates go through a thorough medical and psychosocial evaluation to help determine if living donation is safe and right for them and the intended recipient’s insurance covers the costs of their evaluation.