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Please contact your Grant Administrator  in the Research Operations Grants and Contracts Office.They will answer any questions you may have about submitting proposals through BMC. They will also assist Investigators and Research Administrators:

  1. Obtain a Username and Password and train on the BMC electronic Proposal Development system, InfoEd.
  2. Obtain the appropriate internal forms and Institutional information required for grant application
  3. Coordinate a time line for proposal submission.  

Additional guidance outlining the requirements for Federal applications, can also be found through the BMC Grants and Contracts Office's Proposal Submission Guide and Checklist


BMC has two authorized signatories for Research Operations:

Research Executive Services

Michael Collins, Executive Director
660 Harrison Avenue, 2nd Fl
Boston, MA 02118-2908
[email protected]


Todd Erceg, Director
660 Harrison Avenue, 3rd Fl
Boston, MA 02118-2908
[email protected]



Please see the Space Matrix to find out through which Institution you should submit your application


Please review BMC Proposal Submission Policy  For Federal applications submitted electronically through InfoEd, the following time line should be honored:

Types of Documents Submission

Initial Review of Administrative Components due

Completed Administrative Components due

Final Application Due

InfoEd PD Proposals   System to System

10 business days before the sponsor deadline

5 business days before the sponsor deadline

2 business days before the sponsor deadline



If the protocol is a corporate-sponsored clinical trial and the PI received a CDA from the corporate sponsor, The CDA should be forwarded to the Contract Attorney in the Clinical Trial Office for processing. If the protocol is PI initiated and the PI is seeking funding from an outside sponsor, the PI should contact the Contract Attorney to discuss options.


The first step is to complete an MCA/VelosCT Determination Checklist. The questions on the checklist will allow the Clinical Trial Office (CTO) to complete an initial assessment of what type of study or trial is being contemplated and if the participants and study activities will need to be captured in our Clinical Trial Management System – VelosCT.

The CTO will provide a response to the MCA/VelosCT Determination Checklist and request that you set up your study/trial in VelosCT for management of the contract negotiation. Once the draft, or final, protocol, draft Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA), draft budget and draft ICF are uploaded, and study summary and more study details are completed, then a Study Initiation eForm should be completed. This will trigger an email notification to the CTO Inbox, and the CTO will begin the process of reviewing the documents, beginning the coverage analysis and initiating the contract negotiation.


The MCA/VelosCT checklist  provides the details needed for that first assessment of what type of study/trial you are interesting in being a site for, and allows us to analyze whether our CTMS – VelosCT will be utilized.


The coverage analysis, or Medicare coverage analysis, is a tool created to document the protocol defined clinical services and research administrative services that will occur in the clinical trial. Using the CMS Clinical Trial Policy, and the sponsor's offer, each clinical service is defined with regard to its status regarding billing to Medicare (and third party payers). The coverage analysis is an important component in the accurate and compliant billing of research clinical services.


To meet the requirement to oversee and accurately bill for research clinical services BMC uses VelosCT, a clinical trial management system, that allows for participants and event management. This enhances the overall level of accuracy of billing of research services and supports billing compliance.


The staff of the CTO will efficiently process the Medicare coverage analysis, budget negotiation and negotiation of the terms and conditions of the agreement. Once both parties agree, site and sponsor, the agreement can be signed and fully executed.


Typically, account setups are completed and notifications with the new activity number are sent to the PI and Administrator between five to ten business days after the award notice.



Request a Lawson LBI user account by visiting the FIS User Access Forms page and selecting the LBI Reports option for "Research" for Finance/Grants reporting.You may also select the "Hospital/Non-Grant" option if you need access to VelosCT reports for Clinical Trials.

To run VelosCT reports, please see the VelosCT- Reports User Guide 

To run Lawson reports, please see the Lawson Reports Guide 



A BU IO# is used to facilitate cross-institutional salary support on research projects.  The IO# is identified on the account setup notification sent from Research Operations to the PI and Administrator.