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The Team

Dr. Maru Headshot

Sheela Maru, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Boston University School of Medicine


Sheela has worked at BMC since 2009. She has supported women's health work in Nepal, India, and Nigeria. Dr. Maru speaks English and conversational Spanish.

Courtney Massaro Headshot

Courtney Massaro, CNM

Instructor, Boston University School of Medicine


Courtney has done women's health and public health work in Burkina Faso, Niger, South Sudan, Burma, and Haiti. Courtney speaks English, conversational French, and basic Haitian Creole.

Ingrid St. Hill Headshot

Ingrid St. Hill

Care Coordinator


Ingrid manages scheduling and referral for clinic visits as well as visits dedicated to providing a medical affidavit.

A Social Work intern, supported by a team of Social Workers at the Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights meets with each one of our patients, providing social and case management services.