The main campus at BMC is composed of two hospitals situated on either side of BUSM. The East Newton Campus (“ENC”) and the Harrison Avenue Campus (“HAC”) each offer full-service inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services. BMC has 547 beds (506 adult + 41 pediatric) and had 124,928 emergency visits, 28,173 inpatient discharges, and 877,700 outpatient visits this year.

We have state-of-the-art imaging technology, including a 3 Tesla Philips research MRI scanner, a 3 Tesla GE clinical MRI scanner, a 3 Tesla Philips clinical MRI scanner, and two 1.5 Tesla Philips clinical MRI scanners. We also have three 64-slice CT scanners, a 16-slice CT scanner, Philips angiography suites, Philips IU-22 ultrasound scanners and nuclear radiology facilities, including an integrated PET-CT scanner.

Construction of the Shapiro Building, a nine-story ambulatory building connected to the Menino Pavillion, is now complete. We offer a dedicated musculoskeletal imaging service at the Shapiro Building, with a complete range of modalities including conventional radiography, musculoskeletal ultrasound, joint arthrography, bone biopsies and MRI.


The integrated Boston Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (BVAMC) provides complementary clinical experiences at its two campuses in Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury on the outskirts of the city of Boston.

BVAMC became an integrated component of the Boston University Residency Program in July 1998. BVAMC has 2 sites: the outpatient facility at Jamaica Plain and the inpatient facility at West Roxbury. There are 350 beds with more than 6,400 inpatient discharges and more than 386,000 outpatient visits last year. BVAMC has a full-service Department of Radiology with more than 76,000 examinations performed last year.

The distribution is 60% out and 40% in. There is an extensive PACS infrastructure for digital image acquisition and interpretation in a “filmless” environment. The BVAMC complements resident training, particularly in cardiovascular, neoplastic, and musculoskeletal diseases.