The information below is for updates to profiles only. For updates to BU profiles, please consult this document. For updates to BUSM profiles, please email [email protected].

Add a Profile

New physicians should be added the directory automatically, as part of BMC's onboarding process. If the profile is not displayed in the directory, please email Onboarding.

Remove a Profile

For immediate removal of a profile, please contact the Marketing Digital team.


If you would like a photo removed from please contact the Marketing Digital team.

Name Change

To update a providers name, it needs to be updated on their medical license. After this process is complete, please notify the Credentialing department.

Employee and paging directory (located on the homepage of the intranet)

If your departmental or individual information (for example, phone numbers, names, titles) needs to be updated or deleted, please send an email to [email protected] with your request.


Any additions or changes to a providers degrees (such as MD, MPH) should be sent to Credentialing for verification.

All Other Information

All other information listed on a profile can be updated using this form.