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The day you schedule your appointment

  • Plan time off of work for the day of your colonoscopy.
  • You MUST have an escort to come into the hospital and take you home after the colonoscopy so start making these arrangements.

7 Days Before Your Appointment

  • Fill prescription for the laxative. If you don’t have it call patient navigator (number below)
  • Stop taking Iron pills. Multi-vitamins can be continued.

2 Days Before Your Appointment

  • Please ignore all other bowel preparation instructions from any other sources including pharmacist, medicine package inserts, friends/relative and the internet.)
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water/fluids today.
  • STOP eating high fiber foods such as vegetables and beans until after your test. You can eat all other types of foods today.

The Day Before Your Appointment

  • ALL DAY TODAY FOLLOW A STRICT CLEAR LIQUID DIET. DO NOT EAT ANY FOOD OR THICK LIQUIDS AT ALL!! Examples of clear liquids are: water, apple juice, broth( NOT SOUP WITH THINGS IN IT) Jell-O, tea/coffee without milk/cream, sodas,
  • sports drinks, and popsicles, but nothing red colored.
  • 6 PM Place mixed laxative solution inside of the fridge to cool (no ice cubes)
  • 8 PM Drink half of the Laxative Solution – 1 cup every 10-15 minutes
  • Plan time off of work for the day of your colonoscopy.

The Day of Your Appointment

  • Do not eat or drink anything on the morning of your procedure.
  • Dress in loose fitting, 2-piece clothing
  • If you have diabetes: Take half the dose of your insulin on the day of procedure and skip
  • diabetes pill(s) unless directed otherwise. You should check your blood sugar level in the morning.
  • Take all of your other regular medications at least 2 hours prior to your test.

If you cannot keep this appointment or have questions regarding your procedure, please call 617-414-2600.

*Please note, the number is different on each of these pages but the first/appointment number should stay the same, we're just removing the Patient Navigator mention and numbers.