This is a time to further develop clinical and leadership skills in the ED and to continue research. By this time, research projects should be well under way. Administrative interests can also be developed during this year as there is less time spent away from the Pediatric ED.

Second Year Schedule

PED: 5 months
Elective: 1.5 months
Research: 3 months
Adult ED (Procedure Person): 1 month
Hematology/Oncology: 2 weeks
Toxicology: 1 month
Vacation: 4 weeks (during PED)

Adult Emergency Department - Procedure Person

During the Adult ED rotation in the second year, fellows act as the procedure person in all trauma cases. The pediatric fellows are integrated into the trauma team and have responsibility for all procedures including placement of central lines and chest tubes.

The trauma residents role puts our fellows at the head of the bed. The "trauma resident" is responsible for running all trauma cases, including airway control as well as primary and secondary surveys.


There are numerous electives available. They include: trauma, sports medicine, orthopedics, radiology, ENT, anesthesia, dermatology, international electives and others. We are happy to arrange almost any elective if it is pertinent to the fellow's education.


Fellows spend one month at the Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention. They participate in toxicology rounds and provide telephone coverage for the poison control center. During the last two weeks of the rotation the fellow functions as the toxicologist on call, with back-up from a PCC toxicologist.