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Pediatrics - The BirthPlace & Well Baby Unit


The BirthPlace/Well Baby Unit is a special service of BMC’s Department of Pediatrics that is committed to providing state-of-the-art medical care for newborns and their mothers in a family-centered, maternity-care environment.

The Unit Strives to:

  1. Respect each woman and her family.
  2. Identify strengths in every woman and her family, even in crisis situations.
  3. Provide choice for women and families about approaches to care and support.
  4. Offer flexibility in policies, procedures, and staff practices to tailor care to the needs, beliefs, and cultural values of individual women and their families.
  5. Provide information to equip women and their families to make choices and assume responsibility for their own care.
  6. Provide support, both formal and informal, during pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting.
  7. Empower women and their families to discover their own strengths and to make choices and decisions about their maternity care.
  8. Collaborate with women, families, and health-care providers in the care of an individual woman; in developing programs and policies in our hospital; and in designing systems of care that better meet the needs and preferences of women, infants, and families.