At BMC, a patient’s cancer care is integrated at all levels including diagnosis, treatment, and supplementary therapy. Specialists from medical oncology, radiation oncology, otolaryngology, dentistry, speech/language pathology, and other medical disciplines combine their expertise to provide an integrated, individualized treatment plan.

With their depth and range of expertise, the Center’s specialists apply a wide array of state-of-the-art techniques to cure patients by removing and killing cancerous tissue. The treatment plan may include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination of these treatments.

Surgery remains the primary method of treatment for cancers of the oral cavity. BMC’s surgeons use the most advanced techniques, some offered nowhere else in the region. Surgery includes removal of the cancerous tissue, lymph node sampling, and complex reconstruction.

Reconstruction of the lips, tongue, and floor of the mouth is frequently performed with microvascular free tissue transfer. This technique optimizes quality of life by restoring function in the shortest time frame by “transplanting” the patient’s own tissues. These reconstructive surgeries are complex and labor intensive and require the use of an operating microscope to connect blood vessels in transposed tissues.