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A online, visual guide to different resources available to immigrants and refugees in the Boston metropolitan area including language classes, health clinics, employment training, and legal services. Click Map Icon icon to expand map legend.

This map was created by Dr. David Scales, Dr. Robert Marlin and medical students Travis Forney, Lucinda Lai, and Muna Sheikh.

About Us

Our Mission is to Provide Comprehensive and Culturally Appropriate, Integrated Primary Care Services to Immigrant and Refugee Populations, Including Those Seeking Asylum, and to Promote Dignity, Social Justice, and Human Rights.


Google map showing 725 Albany St


In order to provide public access to this important health information, this web page is located outside of BMC's secure internal systems, and the information you provide may not be protected. Please avoid providing detailed medical information. If, at any time, you prefer to speak directly with a BMC representative, please call 617.638.8000.