Policy and Industry

Policy and Industry

johnson and johnson vaccine for covid-19
March 1, 2021

With a single dose, less strict storage requirements, and high efficacy against death and hospitalization, the new COVID-19 vaccine could help fill gaps in access.

boston medical center pathways leadership program students
February 25, 2021

Scaling BMC's Pathways career advancement program could be a boon both to employees and to the patients they care for.

pediatrician with mom and baby patient talking about vaccine concerns
February 24, 2021

We, as trusted providers, have a real opportunity on a personal level to break down barriers informing vaccine concerns and fears.

boston covid-19 vaccine site map
February 18, 2021

Five new COVID-19 vaccination sites have opened in neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. 

methamphetamine use disorder medication treatment, meth package and foil
February 4, 2021

With a 400% increase in overdose deaths involving psychostimulants in Massachusetts over the last two decades, this study could be a game-changer.