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4th Year Clerkship

The required geriatrics rotation is provides fourth year medical students first-hand exposure to the needs of community-dwelling older adults. During this rotation, students have the unique opportunity to go out on house calls with a physician or nurse preceptor. Additional experiences include going to community sites such as an adult day health center and nursing homes and making an independent home visit. Students attend lectures, write an evidence-based discussion of a patient management problem, and participate in case discussions as well as complete an online module on delirium and dementia. Both physician and nurse preceptors evaluate performance.

The objectives of the rotation:

  • Learn about common geriatric syndromes
  • Develop skills in using functional assessment tools in the evaluation of older adults
  • Work with an interdisciplinary team including nurses, social workers and community health care providers to develop care plans
  • Learn about the possibilities and challenges of providing medical care for elderly patients living in the community

Appropriate Treatment in Medicine

BU’s Code of Ethical Conduct

BUSM’s Medical Student Disciplinary Code of Academic and Professional Conduct (Student Code of Conduct is section 1.2 of document)

Guidelines for non-BUSM students - Geriatrics rotation

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