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The Genetic Services Team

Clinical Genetics - Board Certified Medical Geneticist

Jodi D Hoffman, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, BUSM
Special Interests: Pediatric genetic syndromes, Jewish genetic diseases, Adult genetic conditions, Malformation syndromes, Cancer syndromes

Clinical Genetics - Licensed Genetic Counselors

Philip Connors, MS, CGC

Victoria Costello, MS, CGC

Lauren Lichten, MS, CGC

Lillian Sosa, MS, CGC

Physicians with Genetics Expertise

Jodi F Abbott, MD
Maternal fetal medicine
Special Interests: Evaluation of stillbirth and fetal loss; Prenatal diagnosis

John L Berk, MD
Special Interests: Amyloid, Pulmonary Fibrosis

David HK Chui, MD
Special Interests:

Hereditary hemoglobin disorders, Alpha-thalassemia, Beta-Thalassemia, Unstable hemoglobins, Sickle cell disease

Aviva Lee-Parritz, MD
Maternal fetal medicine
Special Interests: Diabetes in pregnancy, Cervical incompetence, Surgical complications of pregnancy, Maternal heart disease, Medical complications of pregnancy

Diagnostic Molecular Genetics Laboratory Services Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Raveen Basran, D. Phil.
[email protected]
Call: 617.414.5329

Tom Maher, MS
[email protected]
Call: 617.414.5312

Shi Yang, MD
Scientific Director, Diagnostic Molecular Pathology

Michael J O'Brien, MD
Chief Anatomic Pathology
Special Interests: Anatomic pathology

Carl J O'Hara, MD
Chief, Laboratory Medicine
Special Interests: Anatomic pathology

Nancy S Miller, MD
Infectious Diseases Molecular Testing
Special Interests: Clinical Microbiology - Laboratory Medicine, Infectious Diseases diagnostics, Antimicrobial resistance and susceptibility testing, Molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases, Laboratory medicine information systems

Daniel G Remick, MD
Chair and Medical Director, Diagnostic Molecular Genetics
Special Interests: Anatomic Pathology, Autopsy, Molecular Diagnostics


Chris Andry, PhD
Vice Chair for Operations and Management

Janet Means, MT, MS
Administrative Director

Neil ONeill
Laboratory Operations Manager