Cancer Survivors!

Cook to feel better, maintain energy, and recover quicker during and after treatment.

  • The 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 2:30-3:30pm
  • Cook  Book (made by patients and staff)  

Cooking for Recovery

Healing the body and mind with targeted nutrition support for Substance Use Disorder. In memory of Spencer Streetman- Chef, friend, brother, and son

  • 3rd Thursday of the month @ 11:00am-12:00pm
  • Cooking For Recovery Handout 
  • Cooking For Recovery Flyer 

Culinary Skills 101

Learn classic culinary skills from baking bread to roasting chicken

  • Knife Skills Handout 

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Preparation 

Learn the four stages of your diet after bariatric weight loss surgery prep

  • 1st Tuesday of the month @ 10:30am 3rd Wednesday of the month @  10:30am Last Monday of the month @ 5:00pm
  • Bariatric Weight Loss Preparation Handout (English, Spanish, Portuguese) 
  • Approved protein powder handout 

Diabetic Cooking Essentials

Learn how to prepare delicious “diabetic-friendly” meals for yourself or a loved one

  • LAST Thursday of the month @ 5:00-5:30pm (concept map discussion follows)
  • Diabetes Cooking Handout 
  • Diabetes Cooking  Flyer 

Family Fun with Food

Bring the kids & learn how to prepare healthy meals the whole family will love.

Healthy Cooking for Mom and Baby

Keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy and after birth

Meatless Monday

Skip the meat to improve health, reduce food costs, and help the environment

  • LAST Monday of the month 12:00-1:00pm
  • Meatless Monday Handout 

Mommy’s Breakfast Club

Learn how to make breakfast for pregnant women with diabetes

  • 3rd Friday of every month @ 9:30am AND 10:00am
  • Mommy's Breakfast Club Handout 
  • Mommy's Breakfast Club Flyer 

Nutrition 101 

Learn about current trends in nutrition and prepare a delicious meal

Renal Health

Eat to promote a healthy kidney and manage dialysis treatments

Weight Management

Maintain weight loss goals by preparing healthy meals that are delicious and satisfying

Wonderful People with Disabilities 

Patients and caregivers learn how to cook using specialized cooking tools and techniques. 

  • LAST Thursday of the month 2:00-3:00pm