Can I obtain a letter of support for my grant application?

The SRC will provide you with a letter of support for your grant application. The letter will confirm that the Biorepository contains the sample type which you intend to use in your proposed analyses. The letter will state that the SRC is committed to supporting your study, following receipt of funding and approval by the SRC. Please contact the SRC with your request for a letter of support at least two weeks before you require it.

Can I request sample types or timepoints that are not listed on this website?

The SRC is open to working with investigators to facilitate collection of different sample types. If you are interested in discussing further, please contact us and we will connect you with the team that leads the prospective COVID-19 cohort to discuss further.

Can I request pathology and biopsy samples?

Pathology requests are currently handled by the Department of Pathology. You may reach out to them directly, or contact us and we will facilitate the linkage.

What happens after my sample request is approved?

The Admin Core will communicate the approval of your sample request via email, accompanied by an approval letter. A document with guidance/instructions for Biorepository investigators will accompany your approval and will describe next steps.

Do I need to obtain IRB approval for my study?

You are required to undergo IRB review of your proposed study, even if it is to obtain a non-human subjects research (NHSR) determination. The SRC will require your IRB approval letter or NHSR letter before releasing samples.

Do I need to obtain IBC approval for my study?

The laboratory where samples will be held and analyzed must have the necessary IBC approvals. If you are holding and analyzing samples at a BU or BMC lab, you will be required to provide the IBC approval letter before samples will be released. Please review the CDC’s current guidance on biosafety levels ( to ensure your lab meets the necessary standards.

Can external investigators and institutions (including industry partners) apply to use Biorepository samples?

At this time, the SRC is prioritizing samples requests submitted by BU/BMC investigators. If you wish to inquire about the potential for requesting samples as an external entity, please contact the SRC. Please note that there is an external rate for non-BMC/BU investigators.

When will I be billed for the samples I requested?

The SRC will generate an invoice for the samples after they have been released to your custody. If samples were shipped, you will be invoiced for any relevant shipping charges.

This page is under development. If you have a question that is not listed here, please reach out to the SRC.