Rhinoplasty is traditionally thought of a procedure to make the nose smaller while lifting of the tip. While this may be some of the goals for women undergoing rhinoplasty, some males wishing to change the shape of their nose are not interested in “feminizing” the nose. The nose plays a critical role in how we view the face – so placing a feminine nose on a masculine face may disrupt facial harmony. 

The classic approach to an aesthetically pleasing nose is based on measurements along the nose, forehead, and lips. Dr. Ezzat also believes that gender plays an important role in this. Sometimes, this means straightening the nose and only slightly lifting the tip without narrowing it. Other times, it may mean reducing the hump on the nose without making it “dainty”. Rhinoplasty for men should not have rigid definitions that result in the same type of nose that would be sought after by women. Making sure that the nose is better proportioned in both function and look while maintaining the masculinity of the nose is crucial.

Male Nose Job Examples


Male Rhinoplasty – pre-surgery (left) and post-surgery (right) 


Male Rhinoplasty – pre-surgery (left) and post-surgery (right)




Male Rhinoplasty – pre-surgery (left) and post-surgery (right) 

"The difference in my appearance is subtle yet powerful in ways beyond the aesthetic."

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