With expertise in both adult and pediatric trauma and as a regional referral center, Boston Medical Center (BMC) is the largest provider of trauma and emergency services in New England.

The BMC Trauma Center has a reputation as one of the country's finest centers. Verified by the American College of Surgeons as a Level I adult trauma center, BMC provides the highest level of care to patients with serious, life-threatening injuries.

The Acute Care and Trauma Surgery team is available 24/7 for patients in need of immediate surgical care due to injury and for those experiencing urgent surgical emergencies because of illness. Surgeons, advanced practice providers, critical care nurses, and other skilled staff work together to deliver exceptional care to our patients throughout the care continuum, from the Emergency Department to the outpatient clinic. Department members also care for patients in the newly renovated, state-of-the-art Surgical Intensive Care Unit, which admits more than 1,500 patients annually. 

In addition, the department is engaged in a wide variety of research projects. Areas of interest include gene regulation after injury, effects of mechanical force on wound healing, the effect of mechanical ventilation on traumatic brain injury, the repair of complex abdominal wounds after trauma and acute care surgery, and examining the impact that social determinants of health have on trauma and trauma-related care. 

For additional information about the Department of Surgery and the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) Surgery Residency Program, please visit the BUSM Department of Surgery website.

Note: Boston Medical Center also has clinicians dedicated to providing individual and family counseling services to survivors of violence and family members who have been impacted by violence. Visit the Community Violence Response Team (CVRT) website to learn more about this program.

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Clínicas Especializadas

El Equipo de Respuesta a la Violencia Comunitaria (CVRT)

Boston Medical Center cuenta con médicos dedicados a brindar servicios de asesoramiento individual y familiar a sobrevivientes de violencia y familiares que han sido afectados por la violencia. Además, contamos con servicios de administración de casos y defensa familiar para brindar apoyo y asistencia adicionales. Todos los servicios no se basan en seguros y son gratuitos para los clientes y sus familias.

Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Department (ED) at Boston Medical Center is a state-of-the-art facility with 24-hour coverage by highly skilled physicians who provide comprehensive emergency medical care. Located in the heart of Boston’s historic South End, we offer a full complement of surgical and subspecialty consult services.

Tratamientos y Servicios

Servicio de trauma en BMC

La atención de traumatismos en Boston Medical Center ha sido reconocida durante mucho tiempo como un recurso por la comunidad profesional y la ciudadanía cotidiana.

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Cirugía de cuidados agudos

La cirugía de cuidados agudos ha sido un componente integral y de larga data de la atención en el Boston Medical Center. Las Secciones de Cirugía de Agudos y Traumatismos y de Cuidados Críticos Quirúrgicos son programas insignia en el hospital y centros de excelencia reconocidos internacionalmente.

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Cuidados intensivos quirúrgicos

Los cuidados intensivos quirúrgicos abarcan la atención integral para pacientes quirúrgicos y traumatizados en estado crítico, todos los cuales se han sometido a procedimientos quirúrgicos de gran complejidad o están siendo tratados por enfermedades graves, exigen un seguimiento estrecho y requieren el más alto nivel de atención.

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Nuestro Equipo

Acute Care and Trauma Surgeons

Peter A Burke, MD

Acute Care & Trauma Surgery
Professor of Surgery, Boston University School of Medicine

Tracey A Dechert, MD

Chief, Acute Care and Trauma Surgery
Associate Professor of Surgery, Boston University School of Medicine

Provider headshot - surgery department

Pei-Wen Lim, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Boston University School of Medicine

Dane Scantling DO, MPH

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Special Interests

Trauma Surgery, Emergency Surgery, Surgical Critical Care

Noticias del Departamento

Resumen de la Investigación

The Sections of Acute Care & Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care, in partnership with Boston University School of Medicine, conducts cutting-edge research on trauma interventions focusing on wound repair and healing, gene regulation after injury and mechanical ventilator impact on traumatic brain injury as well as many other areas of interest. The sections have presented and published at national and international scientific forums.

Lisa Allee, LICSW

As the Director of Injury Prevention and the Community Violence Response Team (CVRT) at Boston Medical Center in the Sections of Acute Care and Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care and Instructor of Surgery at Boston University School of Medicine, Lisa plays a vital role in trauma care.  Her research interests include violence-related injury and epidemiology, older adult falls and motor vehicle crash prevention as well as impaired driving, child passenger safety and infant mortality related to sleeping habits.  Lisa also holds the position of Director of Programs and Education for the Injury Prevention Center and is a member of the New England Injury and Violence Prevention Research Collaborative (NEIVPRC).

Peter Burke, MD, FACS

As the Chief of Trauma Services at Boston Medical Center and Professor of Surgery at Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Burke’s clinical interests involve developing a better understanding of the overall injury response with a special interest in the nutritional needs of trauma and critically ill patients.  The effects of metabolic and nutritional support on the inflammatory response and their interactions with other ongoing therapies in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) population remains an area of active and ongoing study.  Presently, we are enrolling Trauma SICU patients in a NIH funded study evaluating the effects of early metabolic support on inflammatory and metabolic parameters. Preliminary data from these studies will be utilized to develop a multi-center study with enough power to examine early metabolic support on outcome and mortality, length of stay and complications in severely injured trauma patients.

Tracey Dechert, MD, FACS

As an Attending Surgeon in the Section of Acute Care and Trauma Surgery and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Dechert’s research interests include injury prevention, trauma disparities and surgical education.  As Associate Program Director of the Surgery Residency Program, she is actively involved in resident education and wellness.  Additionally, Dr. Dechert is the founder of Socially Responsible Surgery (SRS), a working group that aims to embolden surgeons as healthcare leaders to advocate for outstanding patient care and to confront disparities in health and healthcare.  Founded in 2014, the work of SRS involves education, research, advocacy and service.

Sabrina Sanchez, MD, MPH, FACS

As an Attending Surgeon in the Sections of Acute Care and Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Sanchez is interested in geriatric surgery, palliative and end-of-life care in the ICU, and surgical education and resident well-being. Specifically, she is interested in improving the care and outcomes of geriatric trauma and acute care surgical patients and enhancing the appropriate use of palliative care in trauma and surgical critical care settings.  As a recent graduate, she recognizes the importance of a strong surgical education program that focuses on providing residents with efficient and effective learning opportunities and is interested in finding new ways to achieve this.

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