For the safety and health of our patients and teammates, BMC requires universal staff influenza vaccination each year as recommended by the CDC and Massachusetts State Department of Public Health. As we continue to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual flu vaccine takes on a special importance in mitigating the impact of seasonal illness, keeping our teams and patients healthy, and conserving important hospital resources. This year’s influenza vaccination period will run from Monday, September 28 through Friday, October 30.
All BMC staff and licensed independent practitioners (LIPs), including those working off-site (at-home, out-of-state, and off-campus), are required to receive their annual flu vaccine to maintain work eligibility. To satisfy compliance, staff members must obtain the influenza vaccine at one of the vaccination events, submit a receipt of vaccine for vaccinations administered by a non-WWC clinician, or submit a medical or religious exemption request to the Working Well Employee Health Portal for review.

Click here to log in and sign your vaccination consent form in the Working Well Employee Health Portal prior to attending an on-site vaccination event, or to submit a receipt of a flu vaccine received offsite or from a non-Working Well clinician at BMC.


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