24/7 Call Center

Our 24/7 Call Center is staffed by Master’s level clinicians who will triage calls, provide support, make appropriate referrals via phone, in-person evaluations, or Telehealth. You will always speak to a live clinician. To initiate services, call the toll-free 24-Hour Hotline: 1-800-981-HELP (4357).

Mobile Crisis Teams 

Mobile Crisis Teams provides 24-hour response to adults and youth in need of crisis intervention for mental health and substance abuse concerns in various settings: in the community, schools, and at local Emergency Departments.

Mobile Crisis Intervention

Mobile Crisis Intervention known as MCI, is the youth-serving (under the age of 21) component of our program. MCI provides short-term service that is a mobile, onsite, face-to-face therapeutic response to youth and families experiencing behavioral health crisis. MCI provides up to 7 days of intervention and services.

Urgent Care Centers

Urgent Care Centers offers an option when an office-based evaluation is desired. Urgent Care Evaluations provides short-term crisis evaluation on both a scheduled and drop-in basis. Always call the 24-Hour Hotline prior to visiting Urgent Care.

Community Crisis Stabilization Units 

Community Crisis Stabilization Units serve persons 18 years of age and older, providing short-term crisis intervention over a three-to-five day stay at facilities in partnership with Bay Cove Human Services and Child & Family Services of New Bedford. The Crisis Stabilization Unit is a successful alternative or diversion to inpatient hospitalization.