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For Medical Professionals

Refer a Patient

We are committed to providing a high level of assistance to our physician colleagues within BMC and outside of the BMC system. Whether for diagnostics, treatment, a single consultation, second opinion, or ongoing follow up, our physicians will keep the consulting physician fully informed of the patient's treatment plan and coordinate long term management.

Our contact information for patient referrals:

Call: 617.638.7470
Fax: 617.638.7449

Urgent Requests
For Non-BMC Physicians
For BMC Physicians
For General Referrals
Transfer or Admit a Patient


You may refer a patient for Comprehensive Diabetes Management or to our Diabetes Education Group:

Comprehensive Diabetes Management Individualized evaluations and interventions by a team that includes an endocrinologist/diabetes nurse practitioner, Certified Diabetes Educators including a nurse and dietitian, in conjunction with the primary care provider.

Our Comprehensive Diabetes Management Program is recommended for all patients with type 1 diabetes, and patients with type 2 diabetes with:

  • Suboptimal control on oral agents/insulin, A1c >7%
  • Insulin initiation
  • Insulin pumps
  • Diabetes with complex co-morbid conditions
  • Recent hospitalization with a lack of health care coordination
  • Labile blood sugar patterns
  • Hypoglycemic unawareness, frequent or severe hypoglycemiaore intensified diabetes treatment and/ or management needs

Diabetes Education Group
(At this time we are only able to accommodate English speaking patients to the group).

This is an educational program only; diabetes management is to be maintained by the referring provider. This program is a series of patient education sessions conducted by a Certified Diabetes Educator. Group sessions discuss general information about diabetes and self-management skills including how to use a blood glucose monitor.

This is recommended for:

  • Pre-diabetes (Impaired Fasting Glucose or Impaired Glucose Tolerance)
  • Diabetes controlled solely with Medical Nutrition Therapy and Exercise
  • Patients on oral agents or insulin
  • Patients needing a solid diabetes knowledge base
  • Self-blood glucose monitoring

Urgent Requests

We typically book urgent patients within that same week. If you need an urgent appointment for a patient please contact us by calling 617.638.7470.

For Non-BMC Physicians

For outpatient referrals, please complete a consult request and fax with any recent lab results or other pertinent information. Include the patient's demographics: name, date of birth, address, telephone number (so that we may contact the patient), and social security number. Please note if an interpreter is needed and, if so, in what language. Please fax your consult request to 617.638.7449.

Download the Outpatient Referral Form (PDF) for either comprehensive care, one time consultations or education only.

For BMC Physicians

For outpatient referrals, please follow the logician referral policy for outpatient appointments.

For inpatients, our 24-hour consult for diabetes inpatient services is available. For inpatient management services page "GLUC" (4582). Inpatient education services may be ordered on Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM). The SCM format will guide the ordering MD as to whether a management or an education consult is most appropriate for the patient. For the non-critically ill patients there are insulin order sets available on SCM.

For General Referrals

You can also use our BMC Connect service by calling: 800.682.2862. BMC Connect is Boston Medical Center’s physician-to-physician consult service that provides quick and easy access to specialized expertise and information for referring physicians and medical professionals. BMC Connect provides a range of services including consultations, services and patient transfers. Call toll-free 800.682.2862 or bmcconnect@bmc.org.

Transfer/Admit a Patient

Please call our One-Call patient admitting service, accessible 24/7. Pager number: 617.638.5795, #1111.


Call: 617.638.7470
Fax: 617.638.7449


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Refer a Patient

Call: 617.638.7470
Fax: 617.638.7449
Outpatient Referral Form (PDF)


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