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  • 617.638.8456
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    1 Boston Medical Center Pl
    Boston, MA 02118

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Dr Martinez-Ramirez, MD is a practicing neurologist in Boston, MA. Dr. Martinez-Ramirez graduated from University of Barcelona Faculty of Medicine (Spain) in 2002. After completing a Neurology Residency and a Clinical Stroke Fellowship in Barcelona he moved to Boston in 2010. He completed a 5-year Research Fellowship in Stroke at Massachusetts General Hospital. He then completed a second Neurology Residency at the prestigious Harvard Partners Neurology Program, followed by an Advanced General and Autoimmune Neurology Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Martinez-Ramirez is an Assistant Professor of Neurology (Boston University Medical School, Boston Medical Center) and is the founder and Director of the Neurosarcoidosis Clinic at Boston Medical Center.
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    Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Neurology
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