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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

How BMC is Helping to Protect Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Postponed Elective Surgeries/Procedures and Routine Appointments

We are reducing elective surgeries, routine appointments, and other procedures that are not essential for your immediate health. Your doctor’s office will reach out to schedule a new appointment, or set up a telemedicine appointment if possible and necessary. If your visit is needed right away, call your doctor’s office.

Enhanced Disinfection Processes

While the difference in cleaning for COVID-19 and other viruses, like the flu or common cold, is minimal, BMC has increased the frequency of those cleanings throughout every area of the hospital. We continue to use disinfectant products deemed effective by state and federal public health officials. BMC has also installed more alcohol-based hand sanitizing stations across campus to make it easier for patients and staff to keep hands clean and prevent the spread of germs.

Changed Hospital Access Points

To help you stay safe, please call your doctor’s office to confirm your appointment before coming to BMC. Note the following changes in accessing our hospital and clinics:

  • The Yawkey main entrance and Yawkey Mass Ave. entrance are closed.
  • The Moakley entrance is limited to patients coming for an appointment in Moakley.
  • The Emergency Department entrance should be used only by patients presenting for emergency care at the ED.
  • Shapiro, Preston, Crosstown, Family Medicine, and DOB are only open to patients with appointments in these buildings.

All patients should continue to use the Menino entrance unless otherwise noted above.

Updated Cafeteria and Gift Shop Services

  • There will be no self-service food in the cafeterias, including the salad bar, self-service pizza, and soup.
  • Yawkey Cafeteria and Shapiro Café are open. Access to Shapiro Café is available only through the 2nd floor.
  • The Moakley coffee shop has been closed.
  • The Menino gift shop has been closed.