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Screening and Testing

The COVID-19 outbreak and recommendations are evolving rapidly. BMC continues to closely monitor the situation and work in partnership with local, state, and national public health officials. BMC has activated our Hospital Incident Command System to centralize our preparedness activities, and to streamline coordinated efforts across the hospital and with our partners at the local, state, and federal levels.

Below is the most up-to-date guidance.

Fit Testing

Schedule 11/10/20

Screening Algorithms

COVID 19 Positive or Highly Suspected Symptom Assessment and Triage 5/7/20

COVID-19 Screening and Symptom Response - BMC 8/7/20

COVID-19 In Person Screening and Symptom Response CHCs 3/21/20

COVID 19 In Person/Phone Screening and Symptom Response Pedi 8/7/20

COVID-19 Detailed Triage and Talking Points for Telephone Interactions--Adults 5/16/20

COVID-19 Detailed Triage and Talking Points for Telephone Interactions--Pediatrics 5/12/20

COVID-19 Employee Exposure Response 11/24/20

Operational Plans

COVID-19 Operations Plan 4/15/20

COVID-19 Tent Registration 3/13/20

COVID-19 ED Screening and Response 3/30/20

COVID-19 Inpatient Logistics 3/13/20

COVID-19 ILI Clinic Operations 3/15/20

COVID 19 Nursing Disaster Documentation 

COVID 19 Universal Masking of Patients 4/10/20

COVID 19 FAQ For Managing COVID in an Ambulatory Setting 5/8/20

COVID 19 Ambulatory Clinic Visits 5/29/20

COVID 19 Staffing Pool Procedure 8/31/20

Testing Procedures

COVID 19 Outpatient Testing Guidelines 10/22/20

COVID 19 Testing in the ED 11/17/20

COVID 19 Inpatient Testing Guidelines 10/19/20

COVID 19 Testing Locations 11/17/20

MDPH COVID-19 Specimen Submission Form

COVID-19 Lab Testing Tip Sheet 3/20/20

COVID 19 Inpatient Serology Testing  4/22/20

COVID-Flu Testing Winter 2020 Guidance 10/25/20

Removing COVID Precautions 11/17/20

Clinical Procedures

COVID-19 Adult Treatment Protocol 11/1120

COVID-19 Consolidating Care to Decrease Caregiver Touch 3/22/20

COVID-19 Procedure Team 5/4/20

COVID-19 Airway Management 8/7/20

COVID 19 Anesthesia Team for Non-ICU Intubations 3/26/20

COVID 19 Neurology Guidance link

COVID 19 MICU Best Practices link

COVID 19 Toolkit: Practical Guide for the Care of ICU Patients link

COVID 19 Airway and Oxygenation Guidelines 5/4/20

COVID 19 Clinical Criteria for Discharge 5/4/20

COVID 19 Anticoagulation Algorithm and Order Set 4/25/20

Guidelines for Patient Returning to BMC for Admission 5/15/20

COVID Care Clinic Joint Scheduling Tip Sheet 5/29/20

COVID 19 Pediatric Treatment Protocol 7/21/20

COVID 19 Pediatric MIS-C Protocol 6/12/20

Integrated Procedural Platform/Operating Rooms/IR-Cath-EP

COVID 19 Pre-Procedure Testing 10/13/20

COVID 19 IPP PPE Guidance  8/11/20

COVID 19 IPP Physical Space Modifications 6/24/20

COVID 19 IR-CATH Testing Guidance 10/9/20

COVID-19 Case Triage Panel 3/3/1/20

COVID-19 Aerodigestive Surgery Protocol 4/5/20

COVID 19 Tracheotomy Guidelines  5/8/20

OB Procedures

BMC Maternal Child Health Daily Zoom Updates

COVID-19 Telemedicine Resources Link to Box

COVID 19 Prenatal Care Guidelines Link to Box

COVID-19 Patient FAQ L&D 3/27/20

COVID 19 Epidural Analgesia 3/30/20

COVID 19 Airway Management OB 5/4/20

COVID 19 Care of COVID-19 Positive and PUI 5/26/20

COVID 19 OB Patient Assessment for Cough and Fever 4/2/20

COVID 19 Transporting Patients From LDR to OR 5/5/20

COVID 19 LD Admission COVID Positive and PUI 5/5/20

COVID 19 Clinical Care of Newborns 4/17/20

COVID 19 Decision Making Tool Mother Baby 5/15/20

COVID 19 Decision Making Tool Mother Baby (Spanish) 5/15/20

OB/GYN COVID Testing, Counseling, Follow-Up, and Clearance 6/18/20

MCH COVID Testing, Clearance, and Guidance for Support People  9/21/20

Ambulatory Procedures

COVID 19 Testing and PPE for Ambulatory High Risk Procedures and Patients 8/28/20

FAQs on the MA Travel Order as it Relates to Patient Care 8/12/20

PPE Donning and Doffing

See our PPE site

Travel Policy

Travel Restrictions and Guidelines 

COVID19 Epic Travel Screening Update

General Information

Best Practices for Healthcare Workers to Limit Spread of COVID 19

Nursing Guidelines, FAQs and Nursing Leadership Daily Briefings