Dear Colleagues,

Here at Boston Medical Center, we have always found innovative ways to serve our patients and our community. And we have been fortunate over the years to have a dedicated donor base that consistently supports our work. But, as this pandemic has unfolded and all of you have risen to the occasion to serve our patients, you have captured the attention of people across the country and the world. We have been flooded with well-wishes, thoughtful gestures, a lot of food, and very generous financial contributions to our COVID-19 Relief Fund. This week in particular, I have seen wonderful and heartfelt tributes to our incredible nursing colleagues as we celebrate Nurses Week.

This support comes from a range of people, some longtime friends of our BMC family, but many new donors as well. That’s because your work during this extremely difficult time has been spectacular. Our donors recognize the unique role that BMC plays as an academic medical center — Boston’s indispensable hospital — and a national model for excellence in caring for the most vulnerable. They appreciate and understand that the disparities and challenges facing our patients have been exacerbated during a time like this, and they know that our team at BMC has a unique ability to make a difference for our patients during this crisis and especially as we help our patients and our community rebuild for the future.

I wanted to take a moment to be sure you know some of the many inspiring ways that people have chosen to support us. It has been amazing — between children creating hundreds of colorful cards to donors providing free hotel stays for staff after long shifts to individuals making headbands that protect our heads and secure our masks. Below are just a few examples:

  • A donation of $1,000,000 from Liberty Mutual for our COVID-19 Relief Fund.
  • College Hype Sportswear, a company out of Dorchester, is selling t-shirts with 100 percent of proceeds benefiting BMC and South Shore Hospital. So far they have raised $10,000 for BMC.
  • Lexington High School junior Audrey Ferrell, who created Massachusetts’ Juvenile and Young Adult Justice Fund, raised money and organized volunteers in support of BMC, raising $45,000.
  • A $400,000 award from an anonymous donor to support the COVID-19 Relief Fund.
  • Generous donations to secure necessary PPE – Converse/Nike and MIT even began producing and donating face shields to keep our frontline workers safe.
  • Huang Yu, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor and friend of CNO Nancy Gaden, made a Chinese herbal therapy tea to boost people’s immune system and reached out to other practitioners to ask them to create this formula to donate to BMC. 
  • A $750,000 gift to support a new pediatric mobile health initiative and our telehealth efforts.
  • So many companies helped us with the COVID Recuperation Unit (CRU) at East Newton, including Wayfair with furnishings and, yes, we did receive 20,000 pairs of underwear from Hanes and Fruit of the Loom for our new guests!

This list above is a snapshot of the $13 million and in-kind goods we have received, and our incredible Development team is not done yet. We know this crisis brought out the best in our BMC community, and our supporters recognize this as well. I am proud of our fundraising success, but I’m more proud of what it represents: the profound gratitude of our city for the work you do every day.

Thank you,
Kate Walsh
President & CEO