Dear Colleagues,

As many of you know, music is one of my favorite things. In recent days, patients and staff in the hospital have been hearing the familiar chords of Journey’s anthem of perseverance “Don’t Stop Believin’” as it plays over the loudspeakers when one of our COVID+ patients is discharged and able to return home to their loved ones. Let me state for the record that “Lovely Day” and “Happy” were my top choices, and yes, I voted several times because I’m on so many email distribution lists! That said, I did not use any presidential veto because I know we chose the right song.

Each time this song plays, it reminds me to take a moment to reflect on what we’ve accomplished together. We continually draw strength from our mission to be a positive force for our patients and never stopped believing in our ability to help them get and stay well. Our teamwork and creative problem solving has always been key to our successes and will continue to guide us.

“Don’t Stop Believing” is also a fitting anthem for the ongoing actions we are taking to flatten the curve and put us on the road toward a safe recovery.

We continue to care for a large number of COVID+ patients, but our volume of COVID+ patients is increasing at a slower rate than previous weeks, and we believe we are past the peak. In parallel, the number of our colleagues testing positive for COVID is declining, and I’m especially happy to see that 200 of those previously infected have returned to work.

We anticipate that we will be caring for patients with COVID-19 for many months to come and the impact from this illness will continue to affect our BMC community for a long time. As I noted in my Town Hall video last week, we are looking at how we will rebuild and reimagine the work of our teams across our health system following this pandemic. All of us want this to be over, but we will be guided by public health guidelines, our institution’s experience, and the best available information to keep our patients and all of us safe.

In the coming weeks, I will share our plans and next steps as we move toward recovering, rebuilding, and reimagining BMC’s future. Thank you for always believing in BMC, our patients, community, and each other.

Kate Walsh
President & CEO