Dear Colleagues,

Over the past week we have continued to confront the unrelenting impact of COVID-19 across our hospital, community, and personal lives.

In my message to you last Friday, I closed with how I have been drawing strength from our BMC community and asked that you share your experiences and stories using #BMCProud. I have heard from many of you and have seen our larger BMC community continue to show up for us in profound ways. It is not possible for me to chronicle every act of kindness, compassion and heroism that is taking place on our campus, but I want to share a few stories I have heard and witnessed that inspired me.

  • A team of MICU nurses chipped in to buy a color photo printer so patients whose families and loved ones who could not visit would be surrounded by loving smiles in their rooms.
  • The General Internal Medicine Team set up a monthly appreciation lunch for the Environmental Services team in recognition of their consistent hard work and willingness to go above and beyond.
  • A physician leader shared that as we have formed our COVID inpatient teams, the longstanding relationships and connections that they had with their nursing colleagues have been critical to being able to navigate the changes we have implemented quickly and effectively.
  • I have heard from many people about the incredible support that the facilities team has provided to our clinical teams. They have managed a number of major projects in short order and without disrupting patient care — from converting the old ZC restaurant into an employee testing facility to making a number of changes to air flow and heat to accommodate rooms for COVID patients.
  • In appreciation of how hard everyone is working, the Pediatric residents, along with a few others, created a “We Are Family” video to thank their nursing colleagues on Yawkey 5.
  • A longtime BMC donor, Marc Perlman, and his Ocean State Job Lot colleagues launched a point of sale program that has raised $450,000 and they sent us 21 pallets of products last week including surgical masks and other PPE supplies and clothing for homeless patients with COVID-19 who will be cared for at the East Newton Pavilion.
  • Homemade signs from grateful patients and neighbors began appearing on the windows of Menino and chalk drawings with messages of solidarity for our staff were on streets surrounding our hospital. We compiled photos of these signs and other heartwarming gestures from staff and supporters here.

The days ahead remain difficult and uncertain, and this crisis is far from over. Yet, I believe that the acts of kindness and our willingness to rally around each other will continue to get us through each and every day.

Kate Walsh
President & CEO

P.S. For everyone celebrating Passover and Easter, I wish you a peaceful holiday and hope you are able to connect with your families and loved ones, even if it has to be virtually.