Dear Leaders:

Thank you for all your dedication and hard work as always, and in particular during the last few weeks related to the COVID -19 health crisis.

We are seeking your partnership on the items below as we work on supporting our team members while continuing business operations.

Employee Exposure Questions

Information and flow charts describing how to address various employee exposure scenarios (updates will be sent as protocols change). 

Please do your best to answer questions and make decisions using the trees and avoid sending your employees to the WWC.  These trees have been thoroughly vetted by our CMO Ravin Davidoff along with the WWC Medical Director Peter Lee and our Infectious Disease Liaison MD so please feel comfortable with the content.  If you are unable to make a decision for your employee based in this information, please find a place for your employee to sit and call the WWC phone line 617-638-8400 - select option 1 and follow the prompts.  You’ll either reach someone live or will be able to leave a message for a prompt call back (see additional details in the WWC Clinic Update below).

Employee Time Keeping and Attendance

In order to keep close track of our employee health status and staffing needs during this critical time, please ensure that all employee time is accurate and approved in Kronos on a daily basis.  We will be reporting and monitoring collective time on a daily basis.  Of particular importance will be entering and unscheduled ET and ESL use.

Employee Pay Scenarios

Our goal is to support our employees as much as we possibly can as always when ill and during these times, when unavoidably quarantined due to close contact or confirmed exposure or furloughed due to lack of work.  See this pdf of pay scenarios in which you’ll note additional access to ET and ESL in non-traditional ways. Please consult with your manager and your HR business partner prior to making any furlough decisions.

Working Well Clinic (WWC) Update

We cannot thank you enough for your patience while we reset the Working Well Clinic during these unusual times.  We know that there is substantial unrest and should be in a much better cadence and streamlined operation as early as this afternoon, but no later than Tuesday morning. We could really use your help to communicate with employees the following:

  • Employees should continue to send questions and requests to the [email protected]. This is the preferred contact method for easier tracking. We are reworking the answering, tracking and staffing.  Training is occurring this morning at 9am for the new clinical and non-clinical staff. Hours for email answering will be 6am – 10pm beginning on Tuesday morning although there will be periodic checks on the off hours.
  • A new phone option dedicated to COVID-19 questions is up and running with a goal to answer immediately or return a message within one hour during hours, and eight hours after hours (email remains preferred)
    • The call center location is on DOB 5 in the Boston Garden conference room with some virtual answering occurring as well
  • Tracking and daily data reporting for calls, employee testing etc. will be established shortly
  • Working to clear existing messages by 10 pm today Monday 3/16/20
  • The WWC is also working to clear emergency hires in addition to essential new hires e.g., Lab testing team members, EVS staff etc. 
  • Sarah Evans will be serving as the WWC COVID-19 Director.  Please send her an email with any urgent questions [email protected]

Employee Testing Center

  • We expect the Employee Testing Center to be up and operational in approximately the next 24 hours and will be located in the Shapiro Conference Room
  • We will send information that you can share with your employees in order to ensure that only those who should be tested are tested
  • Macy Reed will be serving as the Employee Testing Center Director  for COVID-19.  Please send her an email with any urgent questions [email protected]

This is the time when I’m most proud to be leading side by side with each of you. We cannot thank you enough for your leadership, support and patience. Please stay tuned for more manager updates.  n the meantime, please email any questions to me, to [email protected] or your HR Business Partner.