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COVID-19 Cases

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BMC Total Inpatients:



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Cumulative COVID+ Patient Discharges:


Cumulative Staff Who Have Tested Positive

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NEW: Governor Baker Releases Details on Phased Massachusetts Opening

Earlier today, Governor Baker released phase 1 of his reopening plan, allowing some businesses, including construction, manufacturing, and places of worship, to reopen as soon as this week. The “stay at home advisory” now becomes a “safer at home advisory,” and masks are still required when you can’t maintain social distancing. Visits to family and friends are again discouraged.

Under his plan, as of today, hospitals and community health centers who attest to specific public health/safety standards can provide high priority preventative care, pediatric care and treatment for high risk patients. BMC has been working on a comprehensive plan that includes safely resuming a number of these allowed services beginning June 1 – stay tuned for more details. Click here to read the Governor’s full plan.

REMINDER: Face Shields are an Essential Component of PPE

Please note that Infection Prevention recommends the continued use of face shields as an essential component of PPE in both COVID-19 and non-COVID areas. In addition, please remember that the disposable face shields (any face shield that includes foam) is intended for single shift use ONLY. They can be reused by a single healthcare worker during a shift, but should be disposed of at the end of the day.

To ensure an adequate supply of face shields, Supply Chain Operations will be stocking all inpatient clean supply rooms with face shields. Any other department who needs face shields should place an order in Lawson using #11915 – Face Shields or use the order requisition form, which can be found on the Finance forms page.

NEW: Staff Participation in BMC COVID-19 Related Research Studies

BMC is participating in many research efforts to help us better understand and treat COVID-19. This research is an important part of the services we provide to our patients and broader community.  As with all our research activities we have measures in place to ensure they are being carried out ethically and appropriately.

Many of these studies seek to recruit BMC staff as research participants. Staff participation in any research study is completely voluntary and will have no effect on your employment with BMC or the BUMG practice plans.

If you have any concerns about being contacted, or if you’ve been contacted about a study and feel any pressure to participate, please contact your manager or department chair, BMC Human Resources, or the Compliance Hotline.

NEW: Processes for COVID-19 Retesting and Testing Before Elective Surgeries now

New criteria and processes for retesting patients before removing them from isolation are now available on the Emergency Management COVID-19 page on the Hub.

A testing protocol for elective operations is also available on the same page.

NEW: Refresh Stations on May 20 and 23

All staff are welcome to come through the refresh station, sponsored by HR, for a quick break and to grab a treat. The next refresh stations will be available on the balcony of the Menino lobby on:

  • Wednesday, May 20 from 2-5 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 23 from 10:30 p.m. – 1 .a.m.

REMINDER: PDI Red Top Wipes Not Effective Against COVID-19

Please note that the PDI red top wipes have not been approved as effective against COVID-19 and should not be used in any procedure rooms. Instead, please use purple top wipes or one of the other products that have been approved for cleaning and disinfecting.

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