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UPDATED: Confirmed COVID-19 Cases as of March 30

COVID-19 Cases:

BMC Total Inpatients:


BMC Inpatients Requiring Intensive Care:


BMC Employees/Providers who have tested positive:


United States

144,672 (compared to 86,012 on Friday)


4,955 (compared to 2,417 on Friday)

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UPDATED: COVID-19 Employee Health Response Flow Chart – Version 4

BMC is practicing established infection control policies and the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to ensure the safety of our employees in the hospital. Our Working Well Clinic has developed appropriate measures to ensure the protection of our employees, which is our highest priority.

To help with this effort, a new version (version 4) of the “COVID19 Employee Health Response Flow Chart” is now available externally on the COVID-19 Information for Employees section of This is also available on the COVID-19 page on the Hub under the Working Well Clinic. Previous versions of this document should be discarded.  Please note the following:

  • The flow chart relates to known exposure or development of symptoms.
  • In addition, all employees should begin self-monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19, including twice daily temperature measurement.  If you develop symptoms, do not come to work. Notify your manager and write to [email protected] or call 617-638-8400.
  • Employees should continue to send questions to [email protected] or call 617-638-8400, Option 1.
  • The employee testing is located at 801 Massachusetts Avenue (Crosstown). In the event you are directed to be tested, please note that an appointment must be scheduled by emailing or calling the Working Well Clinic using the contact information above.

NEW: Massachusetts Launches Online Health Tool for Residents

Last week, Governor Baker announced that all residents of Massachusetts have access to Buoy, a free web-based tool that can be used to check symptoms and determine if a person should be tested for COVID-19, and the available options near them. We will be including information about Buoy on our COVID-19 Information for Patients page so our patients and community members can take advantage of this free tool.

NEW: Pediatric Airway Management Guidelines

New guidelines for pediatric airway management in COVID-19 confirmed/suspected patients have been added to the Emergency Management COVID-19 page on the Hub under Clinical Procedures and externally to the COVID-19 Information for Employees section of

NEW: Medication to Beside Program Temporarily Suspended

In order to help protect and prevent transmission of COVID-19 throughout the hospital and community, the Medication to Bedside Program is being preserved only for patients who cannot ambulate, patients going to rehab, immune-compromised patients and COVID positive patients. To help expedite the filling of outpatient medications intended for patient discharge, scripts should be sent to the appropriate pharmacy during business hours, followed by paging or calling to initiate expedited prescription processing only.

NEW: Looking for Up-to-Date List of Notaries on Campus

BMC patients routinely request notarial services for various reasons. BMC is fortunate to have many staff who are notaries and are happy to provide this important service to patients. During the COVID-19 crisis, we ask that documents that can wait to be notarized after discharge be delayed until after discharge. However, there are times the patient cannot wait for the notarization. We have seen an increase in such requests. 

To ensure patients can obtain notarization services under such circumstances, BMC needs an up-to-date list of notaries on campus, especially in clinical areas. If you are a notary and able to provide this service, please forward your contact information to Kim Walsh in the Legal Department at [email protected]

Important Links and Contact Information

Command Center: 617-414-6860 (operating 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily)
Call for any needs related to COVID-19. Please note that this is only for employees.

Working Well Clinic: [email protected]
Staff and providers should use this email address to report symptoms of and possible exposure to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Information on the Hub:
This is our intranet and requires network access. Everything posted here related to COVID-19 is also posted on the external site listed below, including clinical guidelines, screening, testing, and PPE usage. 

COVID-19 Information on
This is hosted on the external website and is accessible when not on the network.