UPDATED: Confirmed COVID-19 Cases as of April 7

COVID-19 Cases:

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NEW: Massachusetts Releases Crisis Standards of Care

Today, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health issued statewide crisis standards of care guidance for the COVID-19 pandemic. Crisis standards of care provide a framework for approaching the toughest decisions around who gets what care, and for how long, in the face of exceptional resource constraints. These are decisions none of us ever imagined making, and the guidance describes an equitable, transparent process that removes the tremendous burden of making these choices from frontline providers.

BMC has been working with colleagues at other hospitals and with the Commonwealth in support of this consistent, standard approach.  A multi-disciplinary team has been coordinating with senior clinical leadership across all departments and has begun talking with frontline clinical teams about how crisis standards of care would work at BMC.

To date, our teams have been managing the surge of COVID-19 patients exceptionally well, including by expanding floor based care and ICU level care into different spaces. We, and the Commonwealth, will continue to take every action to avoid having to trigger crisis standards of care. Even so, along with other hospitals in the region, we may reach a point where we are no longer able to manage patients within our normal approach to care. At that time, crisis standards of care would be activated at BMC.

To help explain this challenging situation Ravin Davidoff, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer and Nancy Gaden, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer created this video.

UPDATE: Fit Testing

At this time, N95 fit testing is being done for staff who are in direct contact with COVID-19 positive patients during aerosolizing procedures – i.e. those in ICUs, step down units, ED and OR.  Because there is a national shortage on 3M N95 small masks, we are focused on fit testing individuals who use 3M N95 small to transition them to other brands if possible. Regularly scheduled fit testing sessions will be available next week in combination with PPE training. Fit testing at those sessions is intended for new employees that will be in direct contact with COVID 19 positive patients during aerosolizing procedures.

UPDATE: Inpatient Bed Planning

A big thank you to the teams today who prepared the 5West IMCU to accept critical care patients.  We also want to thank all of the teams who are continuing to prepare the Antenatal Testing Unit for additional med-surg capacity. 

REMINDER: Domestic Violence Resources

BMC's Domestic Violence Program is a resource available for employees, patients, community members, and anyone (teen, adults, elders) seeking information or help with domestic violence, particularly abuse or violence by a current or former partner. Services are free, voluntary and confidential. Learn more.

REMINDER: HIPAA and Disclosure of Patient Information

  • Federal and state laws about patient confidentiality (click to view new COVID-19 guidance) apply as normal during an infectious disease outbreak or other emergencies.
  • Please remember that no hospital staff person is authorized to speak to the media without authorization from the Media Relations team (pager 1068).
  • Social media policies also still apply during an infectious disease outbreak. No employee is allowed to share information about BMC patients or hospital business matters on any social media sites.

REMINDER: Hotel Accommodations for Staff and Providers

BMC has secured funding to support a number of overnight stays at hotels in close proximity to BMC at no cost to the employee/provider. At this time, we are prioritizing the use of these rooms for providers and staff who may be facing one of the following circumstances:

  1. Cohabitation Related
  • Providers and staff who cohabitate with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and remains symptomatic/quarantined
  • Providers and staff who cohabitate with someone who is immunocompromised (e.g., on immuno-suppressants, active hematologic malignancy)
  1. Work Hours Related
  • Providers and staff working long hours with minimal time between consecutive shifts

To request an accommodation, send an email to [email protected] with a copy to your manager stating the following: your name, a brief description of your need, and desired dates/anticipated duration for your stay. Kelly will support your accommodation process from start to finish, and may follow up with your manager, if necessary. Additional details can be found here.

Important Links and Contact Numbers

Command Center: 617-414-6860 (operating 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily)
Call for any needs related to COVID-19. Please note that this is only for employees.

Working Well Clinic: [email protected]
Staff and providers should use this email address to report symptoms of and possible exposure to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Information on the Hub: https://internal.bmc.org/news-events/news/where-find-information-about-covid-19-coronavirus-disease
This is our intranet and requires network access. Everything posted here related to COVID-19 is also posted on the external site listed below, including clinical guidelines, screening, testing, and PPE usage. 

COVID-19 Information on BMC.org: https://www.bmc.org/covid-19-information-employees
This is hosted on the external website and is accessible when not on the network.