UPDATED: Confirmed COVID-19 Cases as of April 27

COVID-19 Cases:

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NEW: Testing Admissions from Emergency Department

In an effort to help manage our inpatient bed planning, today we began doing rapid COVID-19 testing of all patients who are being admitted from our Emergency Department. The purpose of this rapid testing is to immediately know the COVID status of all admitted patients, thereby being able to place them into the most appropriate bed.

NEW: Guidelines for Use of Hospital-Provided Scrubs

At BMC, we are doing everything we can to try and provide hospital-laundered scrubs to frontline staff and physicians, but we cannot guarantee that will happen every shift. The following guidelines MUST be followed in order for us to meet the current demands.

  • Areas and roles in which scrubs are permitted have been expanded to include additional prioritized areas within the hospitals. Managers will communicate directly with staff to inform them if scrubs are permissible for their roles and work areas.
  • All staff should arrive to work in their normal work attire, in case scrubs are not available. Staff will change into scrubs when they arrive to work and then change out of their scrubs and back into their normal work attire/personal attire before leaving work.
  • Scrubs are not permitted to leave the facility.
  • Used scrubs should be dropped in the soiled linen hamper on the floor on which you are working.
  • Staff will no longer be permitted to take more than one set of scrubs at a time.
  • URGENT: If you currently have any scrubs at home or in your office/work areas, please return them immediately and place them in a drop-off bin so that we can have them cleaned and returned as soon as possible. This is critical to helping us increase our supply and meet the expanded need.

REMINDER: Guidelines for N95 Conservation

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to conserve our N95 supply.  We have made great progress in our conservation efforts, and it is critical that we all continue to do the following:

  • All N95 masks must be put in recycling bins at the end of shift.
  • Staff MUST refrain from using make-up (lipstick, foundation) and skincare products (face cream, aftershave). We are still finding ~40% of collected N95s are being rejected due to make-up and skincare products and this greatly impacts our future supply.
  • Please continue to follow the extended use policy by using the Tupperware containers to store your mask between uses. You can find the detailed procedures on the Emergency Management COVID Hub page.

When COVID-19 patients need to recuperate at home, but have no home

With Boston Medical Center’s coronavirus cases as high as ever, the hospital has found a way to help those who just need a place to sleep and heal.

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Public Service Announcement: Don’t Avoid Emergency Care

Seeing a significant decrease in those seeking needed emergency care during the pandemic, the Boston hospitals and the Commonwealth worked together to create a PSA to educate people about the importance of using the ED for those who need it. Thea James, MD, participated.

Watch on YouTube.

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