UPDATED: Confirmed COVID-19 Cases as of April 20

COVID-19 Cases:

BMC Total Inpatients:


BMC Inpatients Requiring Intensive Care:


Cumulative COVID+ Patient Discharges:


BMC Employees/Providers Who Have Tested Positive:


United States



38,077 *as of 4/19/2020

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NEW: Guidelines for Ambulatory COVID+ or PUI Patients Requiring Blood Work

All COVID+ or PUI outpatients that require blood work must be sent to the Shapiro LL Phlebotomy Blood Draw Station, which has a dedicated space to care for these patients with all appropriate precautions in place. This includes patients sent from a clinic, telemedicine or video visits. It is important that phlebotomy be alerted beforehand to ensure planning prior to patient arrival and cleaning of the room after use. Providers should include “COVID+ or PUI” in the comment section of the electronic Lab Requisition and clinics should send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 8-7479 with Patient Name, MRN and arrival information to allow the Lab to be prepared for the visit.

Send questions via e-mail to [email protected] or call Shapiro LL Phlebotomy Blood Draw Station at 617-638-7479/ ext. 87479.

NEW: Updated PPE Policy and Resource Documents for PPE Use

In addition to the clinical situations previously approved for N95 use, as of April 18, N95 masks are now also to be worn on COVID-19 inpatient units and Labor & Delivery. However, please continue to wear surgical or KN masks in common areas. We have made important updates to our PPE policy, which can be found here

  • To enhance protection in our non-COVID clinical areas and common areas, we will start distributing KN masks for those who would prefer to use these. They can be requested to the clinical areas via Epic and will not be passed out at the front door in Menino. Surgical masks will be distributed upon entry to the hospital.
  • For more details on which PPE should be worn in which areas, as well as guidelines for distribution and discarding, please see this chart.

UPDATED: N95 Distribution

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through the distribution of N95 masks to all staff on COVID-19 inpatient units and Labor & Delivery. As a reminder, all staff on these units will receive one N95 mask per shift when they arrive in the Menino lobby between the hours of 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. For those coming in after 7:30 p.m., please call transport at 4 – 5830 to have a mask delivered to you.

To ensure that we are able to preserve our supply, it is critical that we all follow the below guidelines:

  • Only staff who cannot fit into any other mask will receive a small N95 3M mask.
  • All N95 masks must be put in recycling bins at the end of shift.
  • Staff MUST refrain from using make-up (lipstick, foundation) and skincare products (face cream, aftershave).  We are finding ~40% of collected N95s are being rejected due to make-up and skincare products and this greatly impacts our future supply.
  • Please continue to follow the extended use policy by using the Tupperware containers to store your mask between uses. You can find the detailed procedures on the Emergency Management COVID Hub page.

NEW: Lunches Will Be Available in the Menino Lobby

Thanks to generous donors, we will be passing out 400 lunches Monday-Friday in the Menino lobby for the next few weeks. The deliveries will arrive and be served between 11:15 a.m.-1:15 p.m. daily or until gone. Please stop by the tables in the Menino lobby to receive a meal, but keep in mind they are first come first serve. Meals will also be passed out in Menino occasionally at night and on the weekends. If you plan to take food back to your colleagues, please ensure that the meals will be eaten. We want to feed as many people as possible with these donations. If you have questions or know of someone who wants to donate please contact [email protected].

REMINDER: COVID-19 Resources for Non-English Speaking Patients

To help our patients who do not speak English learn more about COVID-19 and how to protect themselves and their families, we have created an informational page of resources available here: https://www.bmc.org/covid-19/covid-19-information-non-english-speakers. Resources include fact sheets in over 35 languages from the COVID-19 Health Literacy Project in collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing.  Please share these resources with your patients.

In addition, information about self-isolation is automatically added to the AVS of any patient who has had COVID-19 testing ordered or confirmed positive, and information about how to prevent infection will automatically print on all AVS. These have been adapted from CDC guidance. They are also available in multiple languages.

REMINDER: Virtual Support Group for Medical Faculty on the Front Lines

This group is for BU medical faculty who are currently serving or have served on the front lines in treating patients with COVID-19 who want a safe place to talk about their experiences with others who are also on the front lines. Please note that the description for this class was listed incorrectly in the Bulletin on Friday, April 17.

  • Thursday, April 23 from noon to 1 p.m., facilitated by Izzy Berenbaum, MD, and Karen Brouhard, LICSW: Register here

On Tuesday, April 21, there will be a virtual support group for medical faculty who are not on the front lines. This group provides a safe space to talk about some of these feelings with colleagues who are also caring for patients, colleagues, family and others in ways different than working on the front lines.

  • Tuesday, April 21 from noon to 1 p.m., facilitated by Roopa Mathur, DO, and Karen Brouhard, LICSW: Register here

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