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Featured Pediatric Specialty Care

BMC Provides Hope for Children Struggling with Obesity

Experts at Boston Medical Center’s Nutrition & Fitness for Life Program understand that every child and teen struggling with obesity requires a unique care plan to become a healthy, active individual. To meet our patients’ needs, the program brings together top professionals in a variety of pediatric fields including medicine, nutrition, social work and psychiatry to create a supportive environment in which children and families can thrive.

BMC’s pediatric weight management approach includes:

  • A comprehensive medical, nutritional and physical activity assessment
  • A psychological evaluation
  • A tailored care plan and follow up clinic visits for up to a year
  • Access to supportive pediatric specialty care throughout BMC

Expert care. With more than 20 years of experience in pediatric nutrition, Carine Lenders, MD, MS, ScD, and fellow pediatrician Alan Meyers, MD, MPH, work with patients to assess and treat health conditions associated with weight gain and obesity-related illness. Dietitian Kathy Ireland, MS, RD, LDN, and Clinical Social Worker Aimée Lim-Miller, MSW, LICSW, address the nutritional needs and social factors of a patient case and provide links to hospital services and community resources that encourage patients to eat healthy and stay active. The program continues to be recognized for its excellence with numerous grants and awards. 

Patient-focused approach. Set within BMC’s Department of Pediatrics, the Nutrition & Fitness for Life Clinic has created an environment in which young people can exercise and learn about nutrition while feeling safe and not stigmatized. Our clinicians follow a successful evidence-based approach to treat obesity in children. The comprehensive strategy includes the entire family and focuses on behavior modification to help children embrace healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Unique interventions and innovative treatment options. Since the clinic’s inception more than ten years ago, physicians and staff have strived to build innovative programs that help low-income families access resources that promote healthy living. BMC offers many internal support programs, including the Preventive Food Pantry, the bWell Center and the Medical-Legal Partnership | Boston. Staff also work to connect families to resources within their own neighborhoods providing links to local recreational facilities, farmers’ markets and fitness programs.

Multidisciplinary collaboration. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates on every treatment plan to ensure that all aspects of a patient’s case are addressed. We also offer access to specialty care throughout BMC including allergy, endocrinology, cardiology, otolaryngology and sleep medicine.

Call BMC Connect at 877.781.4763 to learn more.

Learn more about Nutrition & Fitness for Life Program, which provides comprehensive weight management care to children and teens.

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