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Donors and Funding Needs

Private philanthropy is essential in maintaining the level of care that our patients require and deserve. All donations are helpful in supporting project infrastructure for the Center for the Urban Child and Healthy Family. Whether you are a grateful patient, a thoughtful neighbor, a corporation or a community organization, your contribution will greatly help BMC to continue its life-altering work.


  • Under “Gift Designation”, select “Other”
  • Type “Center for the Urban Child and Healthy Family” in the box

To date, the Center for the Urban Child and Healthy Family has generously received donations from:

  • Andrea Levitt and Antione Hatoun
  • The Angel Fund
  • Barbara Condon
  • Karen S. Marans Ph.D.
  • Krupp Family Foundation
  • Google Matching Gift Program
  • Monica Noether
  • Tim and Lynne Palmer
  • Pincus Family Foundation