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Overdose Deaths Could Increase With ‘Changing Nature’ Of Opioid Epidemic

Penn State News | February 1, 2019

In light of his study findings, Marc LaRochelle argues, ““We need policy, public health and health care delivery efforts to amplify harm reduction efforts and access to evidence-based treatment.”

Buprenorphine Optimal Treatment for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Healio | February 1, 2019

Elisha Wachman’s study found that buprenorphine was the optimal treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome in reducing length of stay, although more research is needed.

Limiting Opioid Prescriptions Will Do Little To Reduce Overdose Deaths, Study Says

The Boston Globe | February 1, 2019

A discussion of the implications of Marc LaRochelle’s findings that reducing opioid prescriptions will have little effect on the death rate over the next few years, now that the epidemic is dominated by heroin and illicit fentanyl.

michael botticelli

Industry Professionals Unite to Combat the Opioid Crisis

High Profile | January 31, 2019

Lisa Kelly-Croswell and Michael Botticelli spoke at conference hosted by the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts (AGC MA), with over 170 industry professionals attending to learn about ways their company can fight the opioid epidemic.

Treating America’s Addicted Youth

U.S. News & World Report | January 28, 2019

This in-depth look at the barriers facing youth with a substance use disorder includes input from Scott Hadland

Editorial: Doctors, Pharmaceutical Companies Must Be Part Of The Fight Against Opioids

Observer-Reporter | January 27, 2019

An editorial argues that, in light of Scott Hadland’s study on the impact of pharmaceutical marketing, pharma companies must work with doctors to fight against overdoses

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Christian Science Monitor | December 3


Boston Business Journal | September 13, 2018


YOUTH.GOV: The Importance of Addressing Substance Use During Adolescence

From featuring Dr. Sarah Bagley, M.D. from the CATALYST Clinic

In a new TAG Talk video, Sarah Bagley, M.D., discusses adolescent substance use, addiction, and treatment. Dr. Bagley explores why adolescents and young adults use substances, what risks they face from doing so, and how early intervention can help prevent the short- and long-term risks of substance use. Her presentation also covers trends in adolescent and young adult opioid use, as well as methods of treating opioid use in adolescents. The video is available as a 30-minute presentation, or in short segments covering specific topics. Use the tools below to lead discussions and find additional resources:

Personal Stories

BMC community members contributed 10-word stories describing how addiction and/or recovery has affected their lives.

BMC Gala 2017

Addiction is here. So is BMC.

Daring Origins: Sarah Bagley, MD

Sarah Bagley, MD's work in addiction medicine led to the creation of the groundbreaking CATALYST Clinic which is solely dedicated to adolescents and young adults struggling with substance use.


Michael Botticelli on Continuing to Fight the Addiction Crisis

Addiction is the most pressing public health crisis of our time. It is a chronic, medical condition that can impair health and function and is characterized by repeated use of a substance despite harmful consequences. In this segment, Michael Botticelli, one of the nation's leading addiction experts, who served as the Director of National Drug Control Policy at the White House under President Obama and is currently the Director of Boston Medical Center's newly established Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine, joins the show to discuss how policy makers, clinicians, patients and families in crisis from across the country are turning to BMC because of its expertise and leadership in caring for patients with addiction. Among the busiest, most comprehensive treatment centers for behavioral health and addiction treatment in the country, BMC has established a formal Addiction Center to help turn the tide on this national crisis.

Doctoring During the Addiction Crisis

From policy makers to clinicians to patients and families in crisis, people across the country are turning to Boston Medical Center because of its expertise and leadership in caring for patients with addiction. Among the busiest, most comprehensive treatment centers for behavioral health and addiction treatment in the country, BMC has long been an epicenter of innovation, creating replicable care models in the field, providing training to those at the front lines of the opioid crisis sweeping the nation, and conducting research. Now, BMC has established the Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine. Listen as Alexander Y. Walley, MD and Jessica Gray, MD discuss the Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine as a way to help turn the tide on this national crisis.