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Spotlight: Boston MedTalks

Spotlight: Boston MedTalks

Boston MedTalks is an original podcast series, featuring expert guests from across Boston Medical Center, sharing news on the latest healthcare trends, news, and happenings. Perhaps you’re interested in clinical topics like transgender medicine, preventing common sports injuries, or differentiating between a common sinus headache and sinusitis. Or, maybe you’re seeking information about unique programs at BMC, Like Healing Pups and the Rooftop Farm. Wherever your interest lies, Boston MedTalks has you covered.

Exciting topics await for July, including: 

Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine Update with Michael Boticelli 

Michael Boticelli is the Executive Director BMC’s newly established Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine. Learn more about the Center in this podcast, and how BMC is working to fight the opioid epidemic. 

The Importance of Lung Screening with Katie Steiling, MD

Did you know that the CDC recently updated the guidelines around who should be screened for lung cancer? Dr. Katie Steiling informs the audience on what you need to know, and what to expect when you book an appointment at BMC’s Lung Nodule Clinic.

Pediatric Rheumatology at BMC with Ezra Cohen, MD

Pain is one of the most misunderstood, undiagnosed, and undertreated medical problems, particularly in children. Dr. Ezra Cohen explains how patients can benefit from the newly established pediatric rheumatology program at BMC.

New podcasts are released on Tuesdays. To hear more, visit our website, and, remember, all podcasts are available for download on iTunes and iHeartRadio.