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Childbirth Education at BMC

Childbirth Education at BMC

If you are pregnant, taking childbirth education classes will help you know what to expect during labor and delivery. BMC offers a variety of classes, including some free-of-charge, for moms-to-be to better prepare themselves for the arrival of their new baby.

“For pregnant women, the labor and birth process can be exciting and overwhelming, even if you’ve already had a child. Women who attend childbirth classes have the opportunity to learn about key information and lessen any anxiety they might be having,” says Anitra Anderson, childbirth education coordinator at BMC.

At the class, you can talk with other pregnant women, learn about how your body works, and how your baby is growing. You will also learn about birth, breastfeeding and new motherhood. Childbirth education can be a safe place to ask questions or talk about your concerns.

At BMC, there are different childbirth education classes for you to choose from. Drop-in classes are informal and offered to moms-to-be who want to learn more about labor, birth, breastfeeding, newborn care, and postpartum care. They are free of charge and open to all patients. There is also a six-week childbirth class where families learn about labor and birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care. Finally, a one-day Prepared Labor Workshop is offered. This consists of labor and birth, pain management including non-pharmacological methods, breathing and relaxation techniques, breastfeeding, newborn care, and postpartum care. The cost of a six-week class or one-day workshop is $50 for BMC patients and $100 for non-BMC patients. 

Classes are also offered in Spanish. Visit to view the class schedules. Call 617.414.3875 to register for childbirth education classes.