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BMC Can Help You Do Your Taxes!

January 03, 2017

You may be able to get tax help from StreetCred, just in time for tax season.

Do you know that you may qualify for tax credits and benefits, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)? For the second year in a row, BMC has banded together with the Boston Tax Help Coalition to train volunteers - 25 BMC employees and more than 50 community members - to help eligible families gain access to unknown tax credits through the StreetCred program.

Patients and families in the departments of Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and OB-GYN are welcome to take advantage of this program – at no cost – while on campus for a regularly scheduled clinic appointment, as well as after clinic hours and on Saturdays.  “StreetCred’s goal is to help make sure eligible families receive the EITC, which not only improves families’ financial stability, but also lessens poverty’s effects on child health,” said Michael Hole, MD, MBA, a pediatric resident at BMC who co-developed the pilot program.

The EITC is an annual tax benefit for working people who bring home a low-to-moderate income. It’s the largest anti-poverty program in the country, and has been shown to improve infant health outcomes, employment rates of single mothers, child educational achievement, and future earnings. However, more than 20% of families eligible for this benefit do not receive it due to a lack of tax assistance. 

In addition, BMC is pleased to announce that the program has expanded to offer assistance with other applications including Head Start, FAFSA, and SNAP, during the same visit for tax filing/preparation.

"In StreetCred's second year, we're working to make tax season even better for families by helping them use their tax data to efficiently connect to other resources designed to help them raise healthy children at the same time,” says Lucy Marcil, MD, MPH, a pediatric resident at BMC and co-developer of the program.

To find out if you are eligible, please contact Lucy Rose Colby by phone at 617-414-5170 or by email at [email protected] For additional information, visit