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Mission Advisory Group

The Mission Advisory Group (MAG) is comprised of people representing community, clinical, and non-clinical areas of BMC, BUSM and BUSPH. The group came together in early 2016 to improve and enhance how various colleagues work together to execute BMC’s mission on campus and in the community.  There are five main areas of focus: Promoting Well-Being and Equity, Partnerships, Diversity, Value, and Research, Education, and Advocacy. 

Because Social Determinants of Health (SDH) affect so many BMC patients, in its first year MAG is developing an SDH screening tool and will pilot it in clinics before unrolling it to all clinics and inpatient locations.  It is MAG’s goal that the implementation of an SDH assessment tool will allow providers to know about and affect any non-medical situations that could negatively affect the outcome of clinical care. Over time, MAG will support the BMC’s evolving approach to healthcare such that medical and non-medical needs are supported for all patients. 

MAG Areas of Focus

Promoting Well-Being and Equitywell being icon

Through understanding and addressing social determinants of health, we will help our patients navigate the often confusing, complicated healthcare system to ensure they get the access to care they need, at the level they need to attain overall wellness; connect patients to supports and resources to optimize their outcomes; and strive to deliver equitable care that leverages patients and community strengths and assets. 

Partnershipspartnerships icon

Delivering the best team based care by developing synergetic relationships with our patients, within our BMC community (Hospital, FPF, Medical School, BU Campus, HealthNet, HealthPlan), with our neighbors, and with organizations that share our mission to provide the quality of care at the right level and location to meet our patients’ clinical and social needs.

Diversitydiversity icon

Promote and further develop an inclusive culture that integrates diversity into institutional goals, strategy and metrics to achieve excellence. Institute hiring practices to attract people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse skill sets and ideas. Provide necessary support to attract and retain a diverse workforce through mentoring and providing opportunities for success.  Give people from different levels and areas of the community a voice at the table. Encourage “out of the box” and nuanced thinking – how do we solve every day social issues with the resources we have at our fingertips?

Valuevalue icon

Strategically position BMC to meet the challenges of the emerging healthcare landscape by striving to achieve the triple aim (better access, improved quality, lower cost) and shifting the paradigm of healthcare delivery to include breaking cycles of perpetual illness and stations in life. Start by defining value with our patients and focusing efforts to address social determinants of health.

Research/Education/Advocacyeducation icon

Be the conduit to give our patients a voice and educate our community.  Change the lens of medical care to one that is preventative and addresses the care for the whole person, not just treatment of episodic needs. Develop systems to test, evaluate, learn, adapt, educate, and spread interventions that are successful in addressing the impacts of social determinants of health. Advocate for health policy that promotes health equity and access.