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Embracing Our Future

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Embracing Our Future

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Looking Forward

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The Health Issue

By 2030, BMC plans to help propel the city of Boston into the healthiest urban population in the country. In 2017 alone, our rooftop farm provided over 15,000 pounds of fresh produce to the BMC community, much of it going to our Preventive Food Pantry, which provides fresh food to BMC patients. In addition, our Demonstration Kitchen has provided opportunities for the BMC community to visit the farm and learn about cooking with fresh, seasonal foods. Good health begins with good nutrition and continually expanding the ways we provide healthy food to our diverse community is a priority.

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We know that to go forward, we cannot forget our roots. Together, we stand on the shoulders of giants—people who have been unwaveringly committed to serving the most diverse populations and serving the neediest among us.