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BMC Named Among "150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare"

You may think that a few seconds' glance at an incoming text message is harmless, but a few seconds is all it takes to cause serious harm. Are you doing all that you can to eliminate distractions while you're behind the wheel?

Starting on July 10, BMC will launch a new program designed to educate and help patients get on the road to a smoke-free life. The hospital will host the first meeting of its new Smoking Cessation Clinic, featuring group sessions and the opportunity for individual counseling.

Making sure that your child’s vision and eyes are developing properly is important because basic visual skills are necessary as they are growing and learning.

At Boston Medical Center, everyone is encouraged to have a primary care physician.

At Boston Medical Center, referring physicians and patients can rest assured that they’ll be seen by the best if the need for surgery arises.