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Usually, a hospital doesn’t bring a smile to a visitor’s face, but watch a canine member of the Healing Pups team enter a room and you’ll see everyone light up.

Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome (SUID) is the leading cause of death in infants between the ages of one month and one year. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a type of SUID, is commonly referred to as “crib death” because often times the infant dies in his or her crib.

If you have a lung nodule it is very important you are seen regularly by a doctor who specializes in caring for patients with nodules.

On Saturday, September 6, BMC fielded a team of 75 doctors, nurses, staff, and their families who participated in the American Heart Association’s annual Heart Walk event last weekend. Together, they raised more than $21,000 to help fight heart disease and stroke!

It can be a difficult and often frightening decision to undergo weight loss surgery, but for the right patient it is a lifesaving intervention that can eradicate serious medical conditions associate with obesity.

The 5th annual Mayo Bowl took place on Monday, September 8, at Kings Dedham. Started by New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo and his wife, Chantel, the Mayo Bowl has raised thousands for BMC pediatrics—a cause dear to their hearts.