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As the wintry weather is settling here in New England, BMC and Dr. Olshaker, Chief of the Emergency Department, want to remind you to stay safe and warm. 

Our geriatricians (doctors who specialize in elder care) and nurses work with patients and families to design and implement personalized care plans to help older adults stay health and independent. 

Between entertaining guests, hosting parties, picking out the perfect present, cleaning, and baking – the holiday season can be a stressful one. Here are some tips to help prevent the stress that comes along with the holidays:

The hounds who round BMC as part of the Healing Pups dog therapy program lend a helpful “paw” to both patients and staff by spreading smiles, reducing stress, and bringing comfort to those who are experiencing the effects of trauma and illness.

Boston Medical Center's Nutrition & Fitness for Life Clinic helps children and adolescents struggling with obesity achieve their weight goals. 

Do you suffer from migraine headaches? Oftentimes more than 15 a month? At Boston Medical Center, Timothy Osborn, DDS, MD can provide relief to those with chronic headaches through trigger site decompression surgery (migraine surgery).