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Share Your 10-Word Story on Addiction and Recovery

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This September, BMC will celebrate National Recovery Month with a goal of raising awareness around substance use disorders and recovery. Throughout the month, the hospital has a number of activities planned to help increase understanding that addiction is a disease, treatment works, and people do recover. We also plan to showcase BMC’s ongoing leadership in the field of addiction as well as the important work of the Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine.

We want to know how addiction and recovery have affected our BMC community members. We are asking interested BMC employees to write a 10-word story describing how addiction and/or recovery has affected their lives. This could be professionally, personally, in your community, the overall impact addiction has had on your life or family, or any other ways you have been affected.

We’ll share these collective stories in various ways throughout Recovery Month. Employees are able to submit their 10-word story anonymously if they do not wish to have their name attached.