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Arlene Ash, PhD

Dr. Arlene Ash is a Research Professor of Medicine and Public Health at Boston University School of Medicine. She is a biostatistician in the Health Care Research Unit, and Associate Chief of Research in the Section of General Internal Medicine. She will serve as Director of the Core Database Resource Laboratory.

She has been involved in the analysis of issues relating to health care delivery since 1984, when she joined the Health Care Research Unit in the Section of General Internal Medicine. Dr. Ash's areas of expertise and active research include: the development and evaluation of models which predict future health care costs as a function of the diagnoses associated with prior health care use, the use of severity-adjusted measures of outcomes (e.g. mortality, adverse events following surgery, resource use, and cost) for comparing the performance of policy relevant groups (e.g. individual physicians, hospitals or provider networks), efficient sampling plans for identifying systemic problems in health service delivery systems and for providing routine feedback of relevant information, and methodological and policy issues in the use of risk adjustment to compare providers.

Dr. Ash has been responsible for the design and analysis of dozens of studies, which have used CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid) databases, and application of statistical methods to questions of public policy. She has served on the Health Services Development Grants study section for AHRQ and received the Administrator's Citation for CMS for work on Medicare capitation issues. She is Principal Investigator of the Boston University ResDAC team. Dr. Ash has conducted investigations utilizing these databases to address a number of critical issues in the delivery of care to women and minorities. These include her investigations in racial and gender differences in end stage renal disease, cerebrovascular disease, coronary heart disease and congestive heart failure, hip fracture, and breast cancer screening and therapy. She collaborates actively with Dr. Freund on multiple studies, and Dr. Larry Culpepper on the Patient Safety Development Center.

Dr. Ash has mentored over 50 trainees and junior faculty at Boston University in study design, use of administrative databases, and statistical analysis. She is available to serve as a mentor for Scholars, but as Director of the Core Facility, will play a role in the design and analysis planning for all Scholars.


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