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Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center

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Boston Medical Center
BU School of Medicine
Boston, MA 02118

Former Fellows

Barbara Voetsch, MD, PhD

Medical School
State University of Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil

State University of Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil 1993
Boston University School of Medicine, Boston 2002

Massachusetts General Hospital / Brigham and Women's Hospital
State University of Campinas (Neurology) Sao Paolo 1994-1997

Vascular Neurology, Boston University School of Medicine 2009

Current Position
Assistant Professor of Neurology, Tufts University
Staff Neurologist, Lahey Clinic Medical Center


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Boston Medical Center
Department of Neurology
Shapiro Center
7th Floor, Suite 7B
725 Albany Street
Boston, MA 02118

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