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Robotic Surgery Program


Robotic Surgery Program at Boston Medical Center 

In keeping with its promise of delivering exceptional care, Boston Medical Center (BMC) offers a comprehensive robotic-assisted surgery program. Using cutting-edge surgical technology in the form of the da VinciTM Surgical Robot, BMC surgeons are able to perform the smallest of incisions that result in less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and a faster return to normal daily activities for patients.

BMC has been at the forefront of offering minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgery for both routine and complex procedures:

  • BMC was the first hospital in Massachusetts to extensively use the robot for urologic surgery including robotic prostatectomy for prostate cancer.

  • Head and neck surgeons were the first in New England to develop robotic techniques for head and neck cancer and other tumors, transforming traditionally disfiguring procedures into better-appearing outcomes.  > Learn more  

  • Thoracic surgeons were first in New England to use robotics for chest surgery, including resections for lung cancer and other tumors, often eliminating the need to spread the ribs.  > Learn more

  • Gynecologic surgeons utilize the robot for a number of procedures including fibroids, tubal ligation reversal, pelvic organ prolapse and gynecologic cancer surgery. 

The Robotic Surgery Program encompasses the following departments:

Safety and Training

BMC is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of safe, effective care. Robotic Surgery Program surgeons meet regularly to monitor clinical quality and patient safety of robotic-assisted procedures. BMC is the first hospital in Boston to have a dual console robot allowing two surgeons to operate at the same time. Additionally, the training simulator component of BMC’s newest robot ensures that participating surgeons have demonstrated measurable competence in the use of robotic technology.

BMC’s Robotic Surgery Program team of nurses and technicians are specially trained on robotic technology as well, including use of simulated training. Leaders of these teams join with participating surgeons in on-going clinical quality and safety monitoring processes.



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