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Rehabilitation Therapies


Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy) at Boston Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Boston University School of Medicine, provides comprehensive rehabilitative care for patients with a wide range of impairments, functional limitations and disabilities. Recognized as leaders in their respective fields, our clinicians utilize the most advanced technology in rehabilitative care. The service is comprised of the two rehabilitation disciplines:

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of rehabilitative care to patients and their families by working collaboratively within interdisciplinary teams to assure that our patients are able to achieve their goals.

Locomotor Training is also available, helping individuals with gait impairments. BMC is the only facility in the Northeast to have a Locomotor Treadmill.

Learn more about our therapists who help individuals with various neurological conditions reach their optimal level of physical function and fitness.

Our therapists provide an array of rehab services, offerig clinical expertise to help patients recover as they improve their quality of life.

We strive to serve as role models for our respective professions by preparing the next generation of clinicians for excellence and by participating in research that will advance our knowledge.

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Rehabilitation Therapies
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